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About Park & Ride Service

As any holiday maker will know, the travel to the airport can be anything but pleasurable, delays, traffic and screaming kids in the car is never the best way to begin your holiday. What makes it worse is upon arrival at the airport the traffic seems to get even heavier and that search for a car parking space becomes increasingly more difficult.

However the easy alternative is to take advantage of one of the airport’s Park and Ride services, this will take the hassle and frustration out of your journey, what’s more, there will be no long walks or getting lost on your way to the terminal as the bus will drop you off right at the doorstep.

Park and Ride is available at the majority of airports across the Country

The service offered is exceptional and they understand that you simply want to arrive safely at the airport, check in and enjoy a well-earned drink. To assist you, upon arrival at the reception desk, the receptionist will simply take your keys and help you with your bags, the car is then parked for you safely and securely, alternatively many will guide you to your own car parking space.

Its then only a matter of a few minutes before your bags are loaded onto the coach and you are taken straight to your departure terminal. Upon your return to the UK, you simply hop on your park and ride bus which will be located right outside the arrivals and it’s straight to your car and onward home, no hassle, no fuss, simple.

Typically the park and ride car parks are located only a few minutes from the airport, this means your transfer will usually take less than 10 minutes, the added advantage is even with busy traffic around the airport, the bus can skip the tailbacks by using the designated bus lanes and taking you straight to the drop off point.

Using the park and ride service is also one of the cheapest ways to park your vehicle at the airport. Costs can be from as little as £20 per week and that included your free shuttle service to and from the airport. Furthermore, as you would expect, your car will be safe and secure for the duration of your holiday, with CCTV and 24-hour security, you can be sure that your vehicle is in good hands.

To use the Park and Ride facilities is simple, the best way is to book your parking in advance over the internet, this will mean you can quickly and easily book your space and they will be expecting your arrival because you have booked online will receive substantial savings against if you simply turn up on the day. It also gives you peace of mind that everything is arranged and you have nothing to worry about other than enjoying your well earned holiday.

About Park & Ride Airport Parking:

Our park and ride service is aimed at leisure travellers, and in particular, families.

How Park & Ride Works:

With this service, you leave your car at one of the recommended car parks near the airport. Your car is parked for you, you are then directed onto a minibus and driven to your departure terminal, with assistance loading and unloading your baggage.

Upon return from your journey, you get a free phone number (0800/etc) to dial, and one of our mini-buses will collect you and take you to the car park where your car is parked. This service is fast, efficient, and low-cost.

We are able to offer Park & Ride at the following Airports:

  • Heathrow Park & Ride
  • Gatwick Park & Ride
  • London City Airport Park & Ride
  • Manchester Airport Park & Ride
  • Edinburgh Airport Park & Ride
  • Belfast Airport Park & Ride
  • Birmingham Airport Park & Ride
  • Bristol Airport Park & Ride
  • Cardiff Airport Park & Ride
  • East Midlands Airport Park & Ride
  • Glasgow Airport Park & Ride
  • Humberside Airport Park & Ride
  • Leeds Bradford Airport Park & Ride
  • Liverpool Airport Park & Ride
  • Luton Park Airport & Ride
  • Newcastle Airport Park & Ride
  • Prestwick Airport Park & Ride
  • Southampton Airport Park & Ride
  • Teesside Airport Park & Ride