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The Birmingham International Airport Park could as well be one of the cheapest airport parks available in the UK. With rates from £1 per day to £64 a week, it surely falls in the affordable range. In addition, Birmingham airport parking offers discounts of up to 60 per cent to enjoy on pre-booking. To free yourself from the ground hassle, you can pre-book via this website using the search form above.

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Even more than this, a person can get to choose a space, which is most convenient for him or her, apart from being able to book via the phone. There is a special price for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday night stays, dubbed “the three-night weekend short break”, when you only pay £6.66 per day. But then, the pre-booked spaces are usually subject to availability, in other words, book quickly!

Security measures such as closing the terminal set down roads, employment of over 300 trained security personnel, restricting the type of items carried by passengers, etc are in place to ensure good customer safety especially after the terror attack in Glasgow, so your safety is ensured to be paramount at all times.

Airport Parking at Birmingham

If in a hurry, you may want to check the new “Drop and Go”, which is located near to Terminals One and Two that cost one £1 for fifteen minutes and £2 for 30 minutes, if these are suitable for you. Also available is the free parking of fifteen minutes in the park of the cars of Long Stay One together with a £1 only for 1-hour parking. In addition, you can find buses, which you can use freely, especially from the Long Stay One and the Terminals.

As to the facilities of picking-up and the parking of the Short-Stay, you can find them at rate £1 for the first thirty minutes. However, you must consider that beyond 30 minutes, the charges of the regular short stay will be applied. To give people a convenient and value-for-money waiting area for picking up arriving passengers, you can find that the parks of Short & Medium-Stay very convenient, since they are located only within a two- minute walking from the building of terminal.

You can get the park map form the airport’s website for you to easily know where exactly you would prefer to park. Moreover, you also get to know the location of the different parking spaces. The parking spaces are located just a walking distance from the airport, another reason to be happy to choose to park with the Birmingham International Airport Park.