Airport Lounges

So after waiting in the long queue to check-in for your flight and finally offloading your bags and hoping that they reach the same destination as your holiday, what’s next? Quite often it’s a walk around the few shops and then sit and wait for a couple of hours until you can finally board your flight. This will be coupled with frequent walks to the departure screens to make sure you don’t miss your departure.

Relax and Enjoy Airport Lounges

This whole process can be made much more enjoyable and exciting by taking advantage of the exceptional airport lounge service which the majority of airports offer throughout the Country. An airport lounge is quite simply an elegant lounge where you can sit back, kick your shoes off, relax and enjoy a refreshing drink and snack before finally heading off on your holiday, this really will take the stress and strain out of your journey. What’s more, you may be surprised to find that the airport lounges are not just for the rich and famous, they are extremely good value for money and really will make your holiday start early.

The minute you walk into the lounge you will be welcomed with soft and luxurious sofas, magazines, newspapers and of course those important complimentary drinks. Whether you’re a business traveller or heading to the sun for your well-earned summer holiday, an airport lounge should be top of your list to begin your holiday as you mean to go on. An airport lounge will also, without a doubt, show a loved one how much you care by treating them to a glass of champagne and to begin to unwind as soon as you get to the airport.

What do you get with an Airport Lounge?

The quiet atmosphere, combined with an excellent range of services will mean you receive the VIP treatment you deserve after all this is your holiday and it doesn’t need to start when you touch down at your destination.

Book airport lounges today, you won’t regret it!

Booking an airport lounge is also made extremely easy and straight forward, the best way to book is online, you simply confirm your flight and your welcome to use the lounge for up to three hours before your flight departs, what’s more, if your delayed there’s no waiting around in cramped seats, instead you simply order another drink or flick to something else on the TV until your flight is ready. Also, there is no constant checking of the departure board, there will be a dedicated screen located in the lounge and the staff will ensure your never late for your flight, they will inform you when you should head to your departure gate. What could be easier?

So what are you waiting for, if you’ve already booked a holiday or are about to book your next summer vacation, be sure to add an airport lounge as an essential part of your trip.

Airport Lounges are a place where you can relax or get on with business in a quiet environment away from noisy and busy waiting rooms. Lounges offer more options to communicate:

* Private meeting rooms
* Phone/fax
* Wireless and internet access and other business services

Airport Lounges enhance comfort and more often than not have free drinks and light food. Leisure passengers will also find it more comfortable, with better seating, and quieter surroundings. Customer service will usually be superior to that of the airport terminal.

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Airport Lounge Rules

Airport lounges offer you the ability to relax in comfort, where you’ll appreciate the internet and tv facilities on offer. Gatwick airport lounges and Heathrow lounges, like many others, require a certain dress code (smart/casual) and stay is limited to around 3 hours.

Finding Airport Lounges

At any airport, you’d expect it to be a bit manic, and you’d be right! Airport Lounges have a laid-back atmosphere which allows you to relax more. With helpful, friendly staff to serve you with warm beverages and provide snacks whenever you need them.

You’ll find airport lounges at the following locations…

  • Aberdeen Airport Lounges
  • Belfast Airport Lounges
  • Birmingham Airport Lounges
  • Blackpool Airport Lounges
  • Bristol Airport Lounges
  • Cardiff Airport Lounges
  • East Midlands Airport Lounges
  • Edinburgh Airport Lounges
  • Gatwick Airport Lounges
  • Glasgow Airport Lounges
  • Heathrow Airport Lounges
  • Humberside Airport Lounges
  • Leeds Bradford Airport Lounges
  • Liverpool Airport Lounges
  • Luton Airport Lounges
  • Manchester Airport Lounges
  • Newcastle Airport Lounges
  • Stansted Airport Lounges

Airport Lounges Booking

Book airport lounges online to quickly and easily find and book an airport location that offers airport lounges.