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Why not start your holiday early by taking advantage of one of the many dedicated airport hotels located throughout the UK. Dedicated airport hotels can provide a relaxing nights sleep before you set off on your well earned holiday or business trip, but also provide a range of benefits which can also save you money.

Every week hundreds of passengers miss their scheduled flight for a number of different reasons, one of these is turning up late for check-in due to being caught up in public transport delays or through traffic congestion.

All it takes is for one car to have broken down on your journey and you could be stuck in tailbacks lasting hours. This will undoubtedly result in you missing your check-in and missing your flight. You may think that this will never happen to you, maybe it never will, however an interesting point to note is that all major airlines, including Virgin, British Airways, Easy Jet, BMI, Thomas Cook, Airtours and many more, overbook their seats by on average 10%, this is because they know that 10% of customers will not make their check-in.

Booking an Airport Hotel Made Easy…

Whilst there is not a lot we can do about the typical British weather, the whole holiday process can be made much more simple and enjoyable. From leaving your front door, remember to cancel your milk and get the neighbour to feed the cat. Take a steady drive to your chosen hotel which will be situated within close proximity to your chosen airport, then simply park up and check-in, your holiday has officially started.

Once checked in you can take advantage of the range of facilities the hotel has to offer, from getting a drink in the bar or if your feeling energetic head to the fully equipped gyms and swimming facilities if available. Take a relaxing meal in the hotel restaurant or head out and do some last-minute shopping.

When your day draws to evening be assured that your room will be equipped to give you an exceptional nights sleep. Also, air traffic noise is never an issue, these hotels are designed with the traveller at its heart and as such your room will benefit from soundproof glazing and sound deadening design, once your head hits the pillow you won’t be disturbed and will get a relaxing nights sleep.

Peace of mind with Airport Hotels

Don’t worry about missing your departure flight, your hotel you can arrange for an early morning wake up call before you head down to the restaurant for a Full English or Continental Breakfast to set you on your way. All that’s to do is contact reception to let them know you’re ready to head to your check-in, and the free shuttle service will safely take you to your check-in, what could be easier.

Airport hotels are extremely competitive and prices can start from as little as £29, furthermore, at present many hotels have some great deals. These can include free airport parking for up to 15 days, free shuttle service and Full English Breakfast for £99. Taking into account the cost of airport parking alone, which for 14 nights can be in the region of £50.

Airport hotels are all about revitalising your batteries ready for a business trip or holiday. Ideal for those who have to travel long distances, a stay in an airport hotel avoids you getting tired or worse, missing your departure!

If you’re on a tight schedule you can avoid the stress of traffic jams while trying to get to your destination, plan in advance, and book an airport hotel with or without parking, at little extra cost.

Enjoy surprisingly good discounts whatever kind of airport hotel you want, from a budget hotel to a five-star hotel, by booking online you can save up to 60%!

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